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We took our product expertise, mixed it with Natural Fiber Welding’s chemistry, and made something from nature’s ingredients. Fit for purpose, good for the planet. And ready for your pocket.

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Our custom formulation is made from natural rubber, soybeans and biomass charcoal (from pine). It’s bound with minerals and backed with organic cotton. After many experiments, we found this recipe that gave us the best fit for our designs.

As we look towards a regenerative future, we’ve wondered, can we get a plant-based leather to perform better than a grown one? Can we find one more fit for purpose, that will do its job well in our customer’s hand, and edge us closer to a vibrant future? I hope you’ll enjoy the ride as we further explore the potential of this radical new technology.

Andy Fallshaw, 공동 창립자

How did we get here?


Natural Fiber Welding와의 파트너십을 체결하고 MIRUM®과의 실험을 시작하기부터

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3 product iterations

that started with a brand tab, then a full bag panel, and now a wallet – we’ve been testing the performance in a slow and steady way.

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