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색상 선택: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ 가죽 가죽 미사용 식물성

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최대 12개 카드
숨겨진 수납공간
크기 115 x 85mm

Leather Working Group 골드 등급을 받은 태너리로부터 소싱한 프리미엄 에코 탠 가죽으로 제작된 지갑입니다.

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Bellroy 제품은 구매일로부터 3년 동안 보증기간이 적용되므로, 정상적인 환경에서 목적에 맞게 사용했다는 가정 하에 제품에 결함이 생긴 경우 AS 서비스를 받을 수 있습니다.

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The Hide & Seek is often people’s first landing point in a journey to slimmer wallets. It looks conventional enough, but still has many great tricks to slim it.


Our Hide & Seek comes in two different heights to ensure it fits any international bill size. From Euros to USD, Yen to British Pounds, your bills will stay crisp.


We recommend storing business cards in the tucked away card section, as it keeps them protected and in good condition.

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What looks like a normal wallet from the outside, and inside, actually boasts a secondary pouch concealed beneath a lip of leather. It's a great way to hide large bills while keeping change at the ready.— MENS JOURNAL

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